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Ahold Delhaize Coffee Company



Assembly is a London based coffee roasting company, which recognises independent cafes as an invaluable source of insight into the coffee drinkers they serve.
We work in collaboration with the owners and operators of independent cafes to offer coffees of uncompromising quality and to develop forward thinking approaches to café culture.


Avian is a specialty green coffee brand designed to empower a small province in the Colombian mountains of Nariño. The province of Buesaco lies at 2.200 m.s.n.m. and produces some of the best coffees in the world.


Contemporary confectioners Barú produce signature marshmallows, some hand-crafted with fruit-inspired flavours and others generously enrobed in Belgian chocolate. Cute dreamy hippos are perfect for kids of all ages and their swirly chocolate drinks are simply divine.


Bioodi Disposables


BOOT Koffie

Bravilor Bonamat

Bravilor Bonamat is a family business founded over 65 years ago. We develop, manufacture and supply a wide range of beverage machines focussing on coffee specialities and hot water. In addition to the high quality Bravilor Bonamat branded machines –which we produce by ourselves in the Netherlands- we also develop and manufacture as an Original Equipment Manufacturer for third parties.


As Europe’s leading water technology company, we invest heavily in research and development to optimise drinking water for a range of applications, using solutions that are functionally and technically perfect. We have the perfect technology to help you achieve your aim of delivering top quality water at ’point of use’. 

Caffe di Artisan

CBI - Netherlands Enterprise Agency


Organic soft drinks from Fairtrade ingredients. Slightly sparkling and made from pure juices. Every bottle sold supports social projects. Drinking Helps.

Coffee Pixels


Crate 47



De Koffieschool

De Koffieschool is an independent Coffee Training Centre. We are a member of the SCAE and provide approved and universally recognised courses according to their diploma system. One of the major factors in becoming a barista or coffee professional is knowledge. Not just about coffee, but  understanding about the machine, the milk and so forth. 
If you want to understand the 'real' art of Coffee making, then The Coffee School is the finest place to learn it.



Drink wat anders!

Horecaleverancier en specialist in andere frisdranken.

Dutch Coffee Academy

Dutch Coffeepack

ecoffee cup

Florele Ceramics

Florele Ceramics produces handmade cups which are pure and minimalistic in design. Each item is unique and customized in any desired quantity. A sublime addition to an ultimate coffee experience!

Food Kitchen




Giesen Coffee Roasters

Home Barista

Hoppe Professional

Hoppe turns sweet biscuits and savoury snacks into presents. Some with the authentic flavour of yesteryear, some with a taste of tomorrow. But always unique, surprising and with an eye for trends and the market’s wishes. The product designers at Hoppe experiment with ingredients and new recipes every single day. This keeps us searching for new concepts and allows us to ensure your guests enjoy their visit, in a healthy, tasty and conscious way.

International Tea & Coffee Academy

Wie zijn wij?
International Tea & Coffee Academy geeft al een kleine 10 jaar trainingen en advies op het gebied van koffie en thee. We zijn gek op koffie en thee en daarnaast is het trainen van mensen en het overbrengen van kennis over de mooie producten koffie en thee onze grote passie. Met ITC Experience verzorgen we op vele plaatsen proeverijen en koffie en thee op locatie.We zijn actief door heel Nederland en regelmatig ook in België en Duitsland.

Jet Drinks

Joeri Tandoeri

Fresh naan breads with chicken tandoeri and curries, baked live in charcoal fired tandoor ovens. Yes please!

Joeri Tandoeri

J-Port Green Tea Japan

Kafe Francin

Kaldi Koffie & Thee

Need for coffee or tea with a story? Kaldi is a franchise business from the Netherlands, and even in China,
with a unique formula. Kaldi is a coffee- and teashop, but offers also a tasting room in all its stores.
We like you to experience the story about our high quality coffee and tea, to smell, taste and feel it.
Our story never ends. No, our story becomes even more special.

Keen Coffee

Keen Coffee is een samenwerking van barista’s Bonne Postma & Rob Kerkhoff, en branders Tosca & Jan Schuitemaker. Onze koffie komt voort uit jaren van experimenteren en leren, vallen en opstaan. Altijd met als ultiem doel om dat perfecte kopje koffie te maken. Sluit je aan bij onze zoektocht naar de perfecte kop!



Het Keramiekkantoor by Karen Knispel designs and manufactures ceramic projects. The products are developped in a craft production process, starting with a bright design and intended for everyday use. Each piece is unique, but essential in the whole. The parts reinforce eachother, which leads to a strong visual language. That gives the projects of Het Keramiekkantoor its recognizable fingerprint.

Kitch n Booz


KoffieTcacao Magazine

La Marzocco

Leder Welt Frankfurt


Organic soft drinks from Fairtrade ingredients. Slightly sparkling and made from pure juices. Every bottle sold supports social projects. Drinking Helps.

Liqui Group



Mr & Mrs Tea

Mr & Mrs Tea

Superior Matcha and Extraordinary Tea
Our matcha comes from Uji, Japan. Only the very best leaves are used, resulting in the most vibrant bright green colour. Pure umami, health and energy has never tasted this good.

Nordkapp Coffee

Nordkapp Coffee, de Koffiebranderij in Utrecht. Elke week branden we toffe koffie voor de horeca en thuisgebruiker. Transparant tot aan de boer.

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Oatly is a Swedish company and the original maker of nutritious and sustainable liquid oat drinks that provide a plant-based alternative to traditional cow’s milk. Our barista edition oat drink has quickly become a preferred non-milk choice of Nordic baristas due to it’s technical performance capabilities and amazing taste.

Only Cannoli

Cannoleria Only Cannoli bereidt heerlijke handgemaakte cannoli gemaakt met passie volgens een authentiek recept.
Ontdek onze acht verleidelijke smaken zoals luchtige Limoncello, Pistacchio of Amaretto en proef de liefde uit Sicilië.

Only Cannoli

Pasta Joe

Wij van Pasta Joe draaien onze eigen pasta op locatie! Omdat verse pasta een heel korte kooktijd heeft kunnen wij een of meerdere lekkere verse pastagerechten bereiden per minuut. Beleef hoe de pasta gedraaid wordt en proef de smaak van verse pasta!

Pelican Rouge

Project Waterfall

Queens of Dairy

Coffee is king with milk from a queen. We proudly present our new brand Queens of Dairy. Fresh barista milk for perfect foam with maximum flavour. Coming to you soon.

Roast & Speciality Cups


Rude Health

At Rude Health we only use the kind of ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined. We source our ingredients from fields, orchards and vines – not laboratories. We think food should be made out of food – not thickeners, preservatives, colourings, flavourings and other additives. When you’ve got food this good inside you, you’ll be up for anything.

Simon Levelt

Geluk kun je proeven. Al bijna 200 jaar lang vinden wij ons geluk in het maken van de lekkerste koffie en thee. Met natuurlijke en eerlijke ingrediënten. Dat voelt beter en dat smaakt ook echt beter. Wij zoeken het avontuur in het gehele proces. Op zoek naar de juiste balans tussen hoeveelheid, graden en tijd. Ontdek ook de wereld die schuil gaat achter de lekkerste koffie en thee. Maak het een feest voor je zintuigen. Maak elke dag anders.

Single Estate Coffee Roasters

We source coffees directly from several coffee producing countries, working closely together with the farmers. In our roastery we handroast our coffees to find that ultimate flavour. We help professionals to raise their coffee quality, by training barista’s  and keep an eye on their performance.

Smit & Dorlas

SMIT&DORLAS, coffee has always been very special. Founded in 1822 in Amsterdam, we have  been roasting and blending coffee beans to perfection ever since.  We offer a range of blends, Single Estate Coffees and machines.

Special Roast

Special Roast is een private label koffiebranderij waar we op hoogwaardige en ambachtelijke wijze koffie branden. Van kwalitatieve melanges en blends tot single lot specialty koffie. Gespecialiseerd in het leveren van maatwerk, vertalen we jouw wensen door in een koffie die het beste past bij jouw doelgroep.

Stooker Roasting Company

Stooker Roasting Company started in 2014 with one goal: raising the quality of coffee in The Netherlands by roasting specialty coffees for quality-focused venues. Since then, we've founded Stooker Coffee Academy alongside our roasting division. Here we offer SCAE Coffee Diploma modules and train barista’s who work with our coffees. At the ACF2016 we will show you where the future of coffee lies in The Netherlands.

Taf Coffee

The Coffee Quest

The Coffee Quest is a specialty coffee importer and distributor. We work in 3 continents and focus on cooperative trade, and direct relations with producers. Work with us, and experience excellent coffee, chain-wide personal relations and quality service.

Tia Maria

TLANT Farm Bakery & Kitchen

TLANT is a traditional Farm Bakery & Kitchen for e.g. Super Premium Granola, Granola Crackers and Funky Fruit Mash, produced in small batches. Our products are glutenfree, organic, sugarfree and handmade.

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Vuurbrood is a new food concept. Simply put, it is grilled, stuffed bread.  But it’s different from anything you know. The specially designed cast iron pans grill the sandwiches to perfection. They also give our sandwiches their characteristic round shape with the big burned number on there back. Inside our Vuurbrood you’ll find a variety of delicious fillings. Curious? You will find our food truck at the entrance of the festival.


Bij de bereiding van koffie gaat het naast kwaliteit en snelheid tegenwoordig ook om beleving. Maar wat te doen als je geen barista bent maar wel topkwaliteit koffie en ook beleving wilt bieden? Dan biedt de WMF espresso uitkomst. De beleving van ambachtelijke bereiding van koffie, maar echt iedereen kan ermee uit de voeten. Kom je het uitproberen op onze stand?

www.specialtycoffee.nl by ESW

ESW importeert/distribueert een uitgebreid scala aan apparatuur, koffie en thee. Van barista tools tot slow coffee tools en state-of-the-art espresso apparatuur van gerenomeerde merken als La Marzocco, Mahlkönig, Mazzer en Bunn.

Zero Japan

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