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Bay Coffee Roasters, Growing a Sustainable Coffee Future
Meet quarter finalists Bay Coffee Roaster, who's sustainability policy is at the core of everything they roast.
From the west coast of Wales, just a 20 minute stroll from the local beach Tresaith, they have been inspired to challenge the status quo... roasting in smaller batches on fluid bed roasters, using only 100% renewable electric energy instead of fossil fuels, roasting all coffee with 100% wind farm generated energy, "even our environmental controls use the Vortx Clean air system to reduce emissions, using a steam cyclones instead of afterburners. Our coffee bags are recyclable and even made within 45 miles of the roastery."

Bay Coffee Roasters Sustainability Policy 

  • No fossil fuels are used in our roast process, others use gas and claim to be renewable through carbon offset schemes.
  • Renewable electric energy through a traceability scheme.
  • Recyclable bags, made under 45 miles away! 
  • We pay above the UK based living wage to all employees.
  • A range of Welsh Organic and Fairtrade certified products and other social projects
  • Monitoring our carbon foot print and taking action.
  • We were one of the first in the uk to receive a Vortx clean air system in mid 2022 allowing us to reduce emissions without an afterburner.

Where they are going

  • Working with more producers that use recognised schemes.
  • Trying to find ways to improve what we do or offset where we can't a goal to be carbon negative in the right way.

"Getting to the quarter finals in the Amsterdam Roast Masters 2023 was a huge moment for us, being able to compete against some of the best coffee roasters in the world. Last year we won a Golden Fork in the Great Taste awards, we were the only coffee roaster to achieve this and again we were competing against the top roasters in the UK. We've just been nominated as a finalist for "Sustainable Values" in the Welsh Food and Drink awards which is an annual event run by the welsh government so hopefully lots of great things to come!"


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