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13 December 2016
Speculocchiato Recipe

What better to warm you up on a chilly day than a rich and unashamedly indulgent Latte Speculocchiato?

Buy a ticket to The Amsterdan Coffee Festival 2017 and you'll be able to try this and other dreamy drinks created especially for festival-goers by Lotus' expert baristas.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy coffee served from a cup featuring a crumbled Speculoos edge — designed so that you may experience the complimentary flavours of coffee and Lotus with each and every sip.

Prefer something a little cooler? Why not try the Speculoos Frapuccino? Or perhaps you'd like to keep things simple with a beautiful black coffee that's been brewed atop a vintage tricyle? 

Here's the Speculocchiato recipe to help you decide:


150ml milk
1 espresso
2 teaspoons Lotus Speculoos Spread

  • Preheat the Lotus Speculoos spread in a small saucepan until it's nice and runny
  • Steam the milk.
  • Pour the liquid Lotus spread into a tall glass. Follow with the steamed milk and then top with a little milk froth.
  • Slowly pour the espresso along the side of the glass, until three disctinct layers become visible.
  • Pepper the frothed milk with some crumbled Lotus Speculoos.
  • Enjoy!

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