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32 Cup is a European specialty coffee importer with a focus on building transparent farmer-to-roaster relationships. 32 Cup pride ourselves on helping roasters to source smarter, faster, and better.

About Coffee & Tea

De koffie van About Coffee & Tea prikkelt al je zintuigen. Van de aantrekkelijke cadeauverpakking tot de lekkere smaak, het is een cadeautje om te geven of krijgen.

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Anne & Max

Aquaphor Water Filters

Premium filter. Pure water!
A greater future means pushing the limits of today. We constantly challenge the current state of water purification to introduce you to simple things – a refreshing sip of water, flavorful dinner with people you love.


Att Caffe

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee

Batavia Coffee focuses on one thing, brewing the best cold coffee available. We offer three unique cold drip coffees that are brewed using single origin specialty coffees. We offer coffee from El Salvador, Colombia and Ethiopia. Make sure to pass by for a tasting!



Boot Koffie

Al meer dan 45 jaar is Boot Koffie actief als koffie-inkoper en ambachtelijke koffiebrander. Vanaf het moment dat wij de hoogste kwaliteit koffiebonen uit de bergen van Colombia, Panama, Ethiopië, Java, Sumatra of Thailand hebben geselecteerd totdat wij die bonen zelf hebben geroosterd in onze eigen koffiebranderij en zorgvuldig hebben ingepakt, garanderen wij aan jou de allermooiste smaak en geur van onze espresso en filter koffies. Want onze koffie is geen eenheidsworst maar elke aangeboden variant verrast jou met zijn eigen rijke en specifieke smaaktonen die zijn herkomst in volle breedte toont. Iedere keer weer, dag in, dag uit, sinds 1973. Boot Koffie betaalt de koffieboeren een faire prijs en vaak nog een premium om hen en hun lokale gemeenschappen een perspectief op lange termijn te bieden. Zakje na zakje, iedere keer weer.

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BWT Water + More

As Europe’s leading water technology company, we invest heavily in research and development to optimise drinking water for a range of applications, using solutions that are functionally and technically perfect. We have the perfect technology to help you achieve your aim of delivering top quality water at ’point of use’. 

Cafés Candelas

Cafés Candelas is een familiebedrijf en momenteel bij de 2e generatie eigenaren. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het selecteren, branden en vermarkten van koffie in foodservice en retail. 

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Café Keppler


Soft drinks and iced teas made with only the best organic and Fairtrade ingredients. Besides that, 5ct per bottle is direcly donated to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation, which they invest in social projects in the regions where the ingredients are from. So far over €4.000.000 has been raised.


Crepes Mobiel

Crepes-mobiel serves delicious home made french pancakes, sweet and savory from a well known award winning food truck. A la minute made by Frederic Holaind, a french chef and his team.

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Dak Coffee Roasters

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De Grillende Keukenmeiden

Vanuit de foodtrailer serveren wij de heerlijkste producten, veelal onder de grill gemaakt. Wij vinden het belangrijk dat wij zelf veel plezier hebben in het werk wat wij doen en dit stralen wij ook uit. Wat kunt u van ons verwachten?
Humor, gezelligheid en smaakmakende producten.

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De Koffieschool

De Koffieschool is an independent Coffee Training Centre. We are a member of the SCAE and provide approved and universally recognised courses according to their diploma system. One of the major factors in becoming a barista or coffee professional is knowledge. Not just about coffee, but  understanding about the machine, the milk and so forth. 
If you want to understand the 'real' art of Coffee making, then The Coffee School is the finest place to learn it.

Don Edgar Coffee Company

One of our goals is to work in close collaboration with the farmers, this means fair prices and full transparency. We believe that producing a genuine product is about creating connections. We do more than fair trade, we collaborate.

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Dr Coffee & Borbone

Dr Coffee full automatic espresso machines, very easy to use and clean! Dr Coffee machines are a perfect fit with small businesses who think they deserve top quality coffee as well. Of course, with the Italian coffee beans from Napoli: Borbone. Because only Italians really know how..! Dr Coffee and Borbone is imported and serviced by Fast2Market in The Netherlands & Europe

Dutch Coffee Pack

De beste koffie verdient het om verpakt te worden in de beste koffiezakken. Of je nu zoekt naar onbedrukte koffiezakken uit voorraad, of een eigen design op je koffiezak, zoek niet verder. Je bent op de juiste plek! 

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Ecoffee Cup

Ecoffee Cup is a new generation of reusable takeaway cup.  Made with natural fibres, it’s light, bright and beautiful to drink from making it easy to Choose to Re-use.

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Espresso Records

Espresso Records is a POP UP recordshop from The Hague. Organising record fairs, providing musical lining at events and DJing across the globe. You can find the POP UP shop at local coffee shops and related events, not just selling records but also spinning them so your coffee will taste even better.    


Eversys Nederland

Fresh Black

Ukrainian Coffee Roasting Company

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Glebe Farm Foods

Glebe Farm Foods is a grower and manufacturer of gluten free oats, oat flours, cereals, granolas - and a new gluten free and dairy free oat drink; PureOaty!

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Henry's Coffee

Speciale koffies hebben speciale smaken
Wij zijn Henry's coffee uit Amsterdam


Ikigai Coffee

Independent Specialty Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee roasters for the Dutch and German market.

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Indonesian Coffee (by Embassy of Indonesia)

Embassy of Indonesia will feature the rich flavor of Indonesian Coffee from various regions in Indonesia presented by Coop Coffee, Klasik Bean Coop and Javani Coffee (products of Artha Griya Makmur)

International Tea & Coffee Academy

Wie zijn wij?
International Tea & Coffee Academy geeft al een kleine 10 jaar trainingen en advies op het gebied van koffie en thee. We zijn gek op koffie en thee en daarnaast is het trainen van mensen en het overbrengen van kennis over de mooie producten koffie en thee onze grote passie. Met ITC Experience verzorgen we op vele plaatsen proeverijen en koffie en thee op locatie.We zijn actief door heel Nederland en regelmatig ook in België en Duitsland.

Isi GmbH

Join the revolution with the new iSi Nitro System. iSi Nitro Whip and iSi Nitro Charger are used together to prepare barista quality Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Nitro Coffee is created by infusing Cold Brew Coffee with pure nitrogen gas. The nitrogen infusion results in a rich, flavorful brew with a naturally creamy texture and a velvety foam head. For the preparation of Nitro Coffee, Tea and Cocktails and other Nitro-infused creations.

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Joeri Tandoeri

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Jones Brothers Coffee Company

Jones Brothers Coffee exists because we were unhappy with the coffee beans we used to drink and thought that it must be possible to do better. Join our coffee revolution!

Kaldi Koffie & Thee

Need for coffee or tea with a story? Kaldi is a franchise business from the Netherlands, and even in China,
with a unique formula. Kaldi is a coffee- and teashop, but offers also a tasting room in all its stores.
We like you to experience the story about our high quality coffee and tea, to smell, taste and feel it.
Our story never ends. No, our story becomes even more special.

Keen Coffee

Keen Coffee was born out of curiosity. It was through competing at the highest levels that they learned just how complex the world of specialty coffee is, their goal is to learn as much as they possibly can about coffee, then share what they learn with you. Every new coffee roasted at Keen is approached as a chance to learn. A quest for the perfect cup because they believe that the true value lies in striving for perfection, not perfection itself.


Kitch N Booz

Kitch’n booz heeft een zusjes kitch’n Fries waar we al jaren de festivals en Events mee af gaan, op zoek naar de beste aardappel en de beste smaak. Dit wordt onze derde editie die we meedoen met het koffie festival. We zien jullie daar!


Kitchen Heroes


koffieTcacao is the platform for those who love their coffee, tea and chocolate. Professionals and enthusiasts alike. We share our love through our website, magazine and socials.

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Kudu Coffee Roasters

La Cimbali

La Marzocco

ESW and ALLEBORGH present La Marzocco espresso machines trusted by the world's finest coffee roasters, cafès, restaurants and home baristas for their reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics.

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Soft drinks and iced teas made with only the best organic and Fairtrade ingredients. Besides that, 5ct per bottle is direcly donated to the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation, which they invest in social projects in the regions where the ingredients are from. So far over €4.000.000 has been raised.


Licor 43

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Liqui Group

Liqui Group is an award-winning design practice offering interior design, project management, build, contract furniture and lighting. Our sister company Crate47 offer branding, web design, photography and video production.

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Lot Sixty One

Born in Sydney, Raised in Brooklyn, Roasting in Amsterdam.


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Low and Slow real authentic American BBQ

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Mercado Uno Empanadas Kitchen

Mercado Uno brengt met de ter plekke met de hand gemaakte, bereid met verse ingrediënten, ovengebakken empanadas, de smaken en de passie van authentiek Latijns Amerikaans streetfood naar Amsterdam! 

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Molina Chai

Molina Chai traveled and explored continents in search of the perfect ingredients in order to make our magical mix. Uniting cultures into one drink was a challenge but we surpassed it with the desire to deliver only the best for our chai lovers.

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Nitro Brew

For a sweet creamy velvety mouth-feel, cascading head and more see you at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival

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Oatly is a Swedish company and the original maker of nutritious and sustainable liquid oat drinks that provide a plant-based alternative to traditional cow’s milk. Our barista edition oat drink has quickly become a preferred non-milk choice of Nordic baristas due to it’s technical performance capabilities and amazing taste.

Only Cannoli

Every exceptional coffee deserves a delightful cannoli

Pasta Joe

Pasta-Foodtruck with fresh homemade pasta


Prana Chai

All the ingredients are natural and all the ingredients are good for you, it’s an honest product. We do not use machines, additives or preservatives to ensure the Prana (life force) in our product stays intact.

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PrimaVera Coffee Importers

From Guatemala. PrimaVera Coffee Importers provide roasters all over Europe & North America with high quality Guatemalan coffees and inveest into the coffee growing communities in Guatemala.

Queens of Dairy

Milk from a Queen makes coffee king!

Rebel Beans

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Roast delivers 3 different flavors of specialty coffee from small local burners every month. 36 different flavors per year. Ideal to discover the differences between coffees. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself. Letterbox proof, nice and easy.

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Sage Appliances


Break Out Latte Drinks

Simara Specialty Blends are delicious handcrafted blends for colourful lattes and smoothies. Beetroot, Butterfly Pea, Chai, Turmeric, Matcha and many more lattes. Gluten free, dairy free Order online  

Sloane Coffee Roastery

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Smit & Dorlas

Onze missie is duidelijk: de beste koffie maken. Dat doen we al sinds 1822. Wij zijn er op gebrand om constant perfecte smaken en aroma’s te creëren. Van koffieplant tot branderij. Wij weten precies wat er nodig is. Daarom smaakt onze koffie zoals koffie moet smaken.

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Stooker Specialty coffee

The Round Table

Connecting Asia to Europe through our love of coffee in our new project The. Cup That Links.


Trade Commission of Peru

We are part of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru. Our mission is to promote trade, investments and tourism between Peru and The Netherlands..

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Varietals Coffee

Victoria Arduino


Bij de bereiding van koffie gaat het naast kwaliteit en snelheid tegenwoordig ook om beleving. Maar wat te doen als je geen barista bent maar wel topkwaliteit koffie en ook beleving wilt bieden? Dan biedt de WMF espresso uitkomst. De beleving van ambachtelijke bereiding van koffie, maar echt iedereen kan ermee uit de voeten. Kom je het uitproberen op onze stand?

Worst Truck

De WorstTruck bakt de beste Nederlandse braadworsten op de leukste locaties en op de mooiste evenementen. Vlees is een luxeproduct waar je volgens ons alleen van kan genieten als het goed genoeg is voor dier, planeet én smaakpapillen. Daarom wordt onze worst gedraaid van uitsluitend Nederlands (Bio) vlees met de Italiaanse klassieke smaak van venkel en tijm. En natuurlijk onze verse frieten met eigen mayo's en vegan hotdogs met pittige salsa en gebakken uitjes.

YAYA Kombucha

YAYA Kombucha is an Amsterdam based kombucha craft brewery. 100% organic and made with real ingredients.


Yongo Espresso B.V

Distributor for Slayer Espresso Machines, created to make coffee better

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