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Roast Masters competition mystery coffees
Learn more about the two coffees Sucafina Specialty selected for Roast Masters 2023!

This year Roast Masters officially upped its game with brand new disciplines! Did someone say... LIVE ROASTING? But of course, no one can host a coffee competition without coffee. This is where Sucafina Specialty stept in as they supplied the competitors with two amazing mystery coffees.


During the ACF 2023-edition Roast Masters, the cutting-edge tournament celebrating the world’s best specialty coffee roasters, made its comeback in Amsterdam. Throughout four rounds fifteen roasters from across Europe went on to compete in seven different disciplines. From The Espresso Smackdown to The Brew Face-Off and The Order Challenge, the heat was on!

The Competition Coffees
It all started on the day one with The Cupping Table, where competitors were given ninety minutes to create a roast profile of the same mystery single origin coffee, using the Stronghold S7 Pro sample roaster.
For this challenge Sucafina Specialty chose the Cascavel Vermelha, a Brazilian natural processed coffee with lovely fruity and floral tones.

 “Both mystery coffees were Sucafina Originals coffees, which were chosen for being the perfect representative of their country of origin with emphasis on uniformity in their taste profile and consistency in their physical attributes”, explains marketing officer Giulia Medaglini. “We believe that well-produced and consistent coffees require a high level of experience and knowledge to be roasted to their optimal quality. And that’s simply the reason we decided to choose these coffees for this competition.”

On the second day the green coffee trader surprised competitors with Turaco, a red bourbon coffee. Named for the brightly-coloured birds spotted across Burundi, this fully washed specialty blend formed the perfect base ingrediënt for The Signature Drink round.

The winner
After three intense days of competing it was The Village Coffee & Music, who went home with the € 5.000 cash prize and eternal glory. The café and roastery was set up in 2011 by owners Angelo van de Weerd and Lennaert Meijboom, having two locations in Utrecht where you can enjoy the finest specialty coffee, beans, equipment and music.

Are you looking for the best coffees for your roastery? Sucafina Specialty can help you find the right coffee – from macrolot to microlot – for any quality or budget.


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