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08 februari 2024
Aillio and Roast Masters joining forces
An unprecedented coffee roasting experience
Aillio Joins Forces with Roast Masters for an Unprecedented Coffee Roasting Experience.

In an exciting new collaboration, Aillio is teaming up with Roast Masters at both  Le Paris Café Festival and The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2024, setting the stage for a groundbreaking roasting competition. Aillio's renowned  Bullet roaster will be the exclusive equipment used for the roasting challenges, spotlighting the brand's cutting-edge technology and design.
This partnership marks a significant moment for coffee aficionados and industry professionals alike. Aillio, known for revolutionizing coffee roasting with its user-friendly, high-tech roasters, is bringing its expertise to two of the most anticipated coffee festivals in Europe. The brand's commitment to making roasting accessible and enjoyable is at the core of this initiative.
The Aillio story
At Aillio, the focus has always been on innovation. Founded in Taiwan by Danish twin brothers Jonas and Jacob Lillie, the company seamlessly blends the Danish penchant for sleek design with Taiwanese manufacturing prowess. Aillio's Bullet roaster, available on the market since 2016, has already made waves as an entry-level roaster that doesn't compromise on quality or capability. It's a machine that allows café owners to start their roasting businesses confidently and with ease.
The Bullet R1 V2 roaster is a marvel of modern engineering. With features like electromagnetic induction heating, which can bring a kilo of beans to the first crack in under 12 minutes, and patented Infrared bean temperature sensing, Aillio ensures that roasters of all levels can achieve the perfect roast every time. The meticulous control offered by the Bullet — from power levels to drum speeds — empowers users to unleash their creativity and master the art of roasting.
Learn more during one-on-one sessions
The "Become A Roaster" experience, debuting at the Roast Masters playzone, is designed to demystify the roasting process for festival-goers. Daily one-on-one sessions will provide hands-on guidance, allowing participants to roast their very first batch of coffee. It's an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the roasting process intimately, guided by the expertise of Aillio's team and the advanced capabilities of the Bullet roaster.
This collaboration is not just about showcasing equipment; it's about creating a community. Aillio's vision has always been community-centric, with a dedicated app that encourages users to share insights and profiles. Now, festival attendees can join this community, experiencing first-hand the satisfaction of roasting with the Bullet.
For Aillio, this partnership with Roast Masters is a natural fit. As the company continues to make strides in the coffee industry, it remains dedicated to providing tools that are not just functional but also form a bridge to a larger world of coffee enthusiasts and professionals. The "Become A Roaster" experience is a testament to this commitment, inviting everyone to discover the joy and artistry of coffee roasting.

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