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30 maart - 01 april 2023 / Westergas
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Pro Coffee Kit
Handpicked products to inspire your business…

At this year’s Amsterdam Coffee Festival, we will be showcasing some of the finest professional machines in the game, from big, barista-style coffee machines to compact espresso makers and automatic milk steamers! 

We've handselected 10 special products, find out more at this year's Festival!

​Faema President GTi


Designed for those who always look to the future without ever renouncing tradition, Faema’s President GTi revisits the iconic models of the ’60s offering cutting-edge technology.

It is a machine in which past and future closely coexist, creating a sophisticated product that not only enhanced coffee hotspots thanks to its restyled design, but also distinguishes itself in terms of quality with its innovative features.

Vintage and modern continue to harmonise with the satin and chrome-plated steel alternate, developed in collaboration with the industrial division of Italdesign. The President was the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2020! No wonder it is the machine of choice for Coffee Masters 2022. An icon is reborn...

La Marzocco GB5


In the spring of 2021 the Italian espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco modernized its classic GB5 inside and out. An ode to La Marzocco's timeless, reliable character and its Florentine roots - recognizable by the Florentine lilies on the corner panels - the GB5 is available in two new versions: GB5 X and GB5 S.

The technology is as advanced as one might expect from La Marzocco. Pro App compatible, durable and visually appealing, the technical updates and sleek finish result in improved visibility of each group. It combines advanced La Marzocco proprietary electronics with the industry-leading temperature stability and hydraulic systems to always ensure maximum consistency.

The second generation GB5 is the first series of La Marzocco machines equipped with a water sensor that measures the conductivity and hardness of water as it enters the machine. Both the X and S versions offer advanced accuracy and consistency, making better coffee easier for any barista. The GB5 has all the technology that successful cafes need, while at the same time providing the perfect centerpiece for any modern coffee shop with its classic lines and graceful curves.

La Marzocco Pro App
The Pro-App will give the barista control over the day to day functions of the machine, including adjusting dose, coffee boiler temperature and usage statistics. 

Slayer Steam LP​


Slayer Steam LP isn’t known as the Dream Machine for nothing! Belonging to the infamous Steam line, this volumetric machine is a dream come true for those seeking the perfect balance between efficiency and quality in the cup. Its pressure profiling and repeatability function means you can easily extract delicious espresso every time with programmable pre-infusion, post-infusion, and volumetric output settings.
Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can easily shift between regulated pressures as you dial in, favorite recipes can be quickly recorded and ‘’played back’’ with the same consistency over and over again. No staff needed!

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick


For the Black Eagle Maverick, Victoria Arduino team went beyond a zone of pre-existing ideas. Following previous Black Eagle models, the Maverick features significant innovations in energy efficiency and a proprietary extraction method called “Pure Brew”, designed to broaden the range of extraction possibilities for barista-led experimentation.

The PB-system involves a portafilter equipped with a conical, dual-layer, steel mesh filter. Furthermore the Mavericks’s variable flow rate and temperature capabilities allow baristas to create low-pressure extraction recipes with different grind sizes, doses and ratios. To top it off, Victoria Arduino promises the Maverick consumes approximately 37% less energy than its predecessors in the Black Eagle line.

Victoria Arduino Mythos


Victoria Arduino's MYTHOS grinder continues to be the legend in creating precision in the preparation of coffee. It offers maximum consistency, zero waste and ease of maintenance making it a barista must have. The new touchscreen display is even more user-friendly. Baristas can easily change settings, read all the necessary information and maintain full control of the grinder. The improved coffee spout and clump crusher guarantee a perfect flow and coffee shots without wastage. The temperature of the grinding section is adjustable between 30 and 60 degrees and maintenance is particularly easy. 

Eversys SA Shotmaster pro/ST​


Introducing the latest addition to the beloved Shotmaster range! Six years on from the Shotmaster’s initial release, Eversys has reimagined a brand new Shotmaster as a complement to their recently launched Enigma range. The Shotmaster S-PRO/ST is top of the range and is the brands first machine to produce 8 shots at the same time, yes….8 shots! That’s up to 700 espressos per hour!
The milk module located in the middle of the machine can be configured with various milk calibration options alongside four different types of milk for our alt. milk lovers! The machine also has four bean hoppers and grinders allowing four potential coffee bean options, the choice is yours.

Sanremo Café Racer​


Another Italian beauty is the Sanremo Café Racer espressomachine, which ties beautiful design to the latest energy saving technology. With advanced boiler technology,  a unique ‘suspension drip tray’ and a simple user interface the Racer delivers outstanding high volume coffee time after time, while using 50% less energy than traditional machines.

Faema Groundbreaker


Fitted with a new motor with an Inverter, Faema’s new compact and elegantly designed grinder permanently changes the concept of grinding. Hence it’s appropriately named, Groundbreaker. The innovative new espresso grinder features a new zero retention, anit-static grounds chute that produces superior distribution and eliminates clumping. The large touchscreen provides a simple and customizable user interface, while allowing extensive control of grind, dose and tamp settings.

The on-board bluetooth and perfect grind system work to link the grinder to Faema’s newest advanced espresso machines to constantly monitor espresso flow rates and makes minor adjustments to grind and dose settings to maintain optimal espresso extraction. To make it even easier, the Groundbreaker is available with an integrated automatic tamper that improves bar efficiency and provides consistent tamping pressure that is also customizable.

Perfect Moose


A handsfree recipe for the perfect microfoam, that’s what Perfect Moose provides. Perfect Moose is the smart, automated foamer which takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained and gives customers a true treat worth coming back for. Milk or plant-based drinks, it works with any liquid you like.

Brita PURITY C1100 XtraSafe


Unfiltered water can damage coffee equipment and affect the taste of coffee and tea. Brita developed the Purity C1100 XtraSafe to provide targeted protection against the chlorides, sulfates and gypsum, which are found in certain regions in tap water. The effective five-step filtration process, including dual ion exchangers, is specifically designed to improve water. In addition, the recommended filtration bypass settings ensure the ideal water composition with the correct carbonate hardness for coffee.

Tone 03


As lovers of innovation, Keen Coffee Roastery will use the Tone 03 to brew all their filter coffees at the Festival. With intelligent programming the Tone coffee maker allows precise and consistent dispensing of the desired water quantity and can memorize up to 60 recipes. Voted 'Best New Product’ in 2021, this one you can’t miss at ACF.


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