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3 - 5 april 2025 / NDSM
Do you have what it takes?
Roast Masters™

Designed by the creators of Coffee Masters, Roast Masters is the cutting-edge tournament celebrating the best specialty roasters on the planet. 

Throughout 4 rounds (qualifying rounds, quarter finals, semi finals and the final) teams will compete in 8 different disciplines. Did someone say... LIVE ROASTING? The Winner will be crowned Roast Masters ACF 2024 champion and take home a €2.500 cash prize.





#1 The Espresso Presentation
> During The Qualifying Rounds, roasters are given 12 minutes to present an espresso of their choosing from their coffee portfolio
> Points are awarded on taste, flavour, professionalism, methodology, hospitality, showmanship and the overall presentation of the coffee

#2 The Cupping Table
>  On day 1 all competitors are given 90 minutes to create a roast profile of a mystery single origin coffee, using the Stronghold S7 Pro sample roaster
> The sample roasts from all competitors will then to be cupped on day 2 by the judges
> The discipline is scored on taste and flavour
> During The Final, the 2 teams competing will present a second mystery single origin coffee on the cupping table (to be roasted on day 2, for The Final on day 3)
> The 2 finalist coffees are judged purely on taste and flavour

#3 The Espresso Smackdown
>  Competitors will bring three coffees: a light and a medium single origin and a blend
>  Head-to-head format, three rounds: light vs light, medium vs medium, blend vs blend
>  Best tasting coffees win each round 

#4 The Order Challenge
> Using their own coffees, competitors will make 10 drinks as listed on the presented order within a maximum time of 9 minutes
> The drinks prepared in this discipline are commonly found on specialty café menus
> Each drink will be scored according to whether it is passed or failed by the judges based on balance, extraction, mouthfeel and handling
> A 'passed' drink will be awarded 3 points. A 'failed' drink will be awarded 0 points

#5 The Latte Art Showdown
> Roll the dice, get assigned a shape
>  Pour and win (best of 3)!
>  Judged on appearance

#6 The Brew Face-Off
>  Roasters prepare a filter roast from their own portfolio
> Presented in 15 minutes
>  Judges to judge on taste, presentation and showmanship

#7 The Signature Drink
>  12 minutes to create a signature beverage
>  Mystery ingredients provided on the day
>  Judged on taste, creativity, professionalism, presentation and showmanship

#8 The Espresso Blend
>  Roasters are presented with a selection of mystery roasted single origin coffees
> They are tasked to create a bespoke espresso blend
> An espresso and cappuccino will be presented for evaluation




We are thrilled to announce the 10 fierce roasters from Europe, who will go head-to-head for the coveted title of Roast Master X ACF 2024. Brace yourselves and join us in giving a round of applause to these coffee connoisseurs who will leave no bean unroasted in their quest for victory. Stay tuned for an unforgettable battle of flavours, skills, and passion at this year's competition. It's time to roll out the red carpet for the competitors!

Badeta Koffiebranders
Cross Roast
Dagger Coffee
HAYB Coffee
Kalve Coffee 
Karma Coffee
Kosu Koffiebranderij
Seekind Coffee
Uncommon Amsterdam
Wide Awake Coffee





Anne Lunell – head judge
Anne Lunell is a Swedish barista champion and the visionary behind Koppi, an internationally respected and well-loved coffee roaster in the Swedish town of Helsingborg, which she founded in 2007 with Charles Nystrand. Anne is also an experienced juror, heading the panel of Roast Masters in Amsterdam, Paris and Milan, and therefore we are so proud to welcome her back for this tournament.
Kris Schackman
Growing up in the USA, Kris’ love for coffee started in the mid-1990s while attending the University of Massachusetts and Hampshire College, drinking Scott Rao batch brews by the liter. Soon after moving to Berlin, he co-founded Five Elephant Coffee Roastery & Cake Shop in 2010 with his wife & partner Sophie. Is there anyone more equipped to judge the world’s most allround coffee tournament as this coffee veteran?

Gabriele Limosani 
He experienced the live action first hand last year judging Roast Masters at all three festivals. Flying in from Italy, let us introduce you to Gabriele Limosani, a Q-grader with over 10 years of industry experience, passion and pure coffee love under his belt.

Keri Mol - MC
As a familiar face in the Dutch coffee scene, this Roast Masters host knows how to put the participants at ease and guide the audience on their way to the finals.


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