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Pitcher Perfect

Take part in Sanremo's Latte Art Polaroid Competition

Visit Sanremo Coffee Machine's stand during The Amsterdam Coffee Festival and you'll be able capture your artistic, milk-based flair by taking a polaroid or two.

Using the state-of-the-art Cafe Racer (THE machine of choice for Latte Art Live) and with the help of Sanremo's expert SWAT team (a team of wide range coffee, technical and water specialists), you'll craft your very own picture worthy latte, take a snap of it to be showcased on the 'contestant's wall' then automatically be entered into the competition to win an incredible prize!


About the Cafe Racer

  • Advanced espresso technology, designed for speed, precision, ease of use and customisation.
  • Extremely stable in steam and water pressure as well as brew water temperature
  • Isolated brew boiler and group boiler per group
  • Extremely accurate hot water volumetrics
  • Soft pre-infusion on 3 bars programmable up to 5 seconds
  • Orderly multifunction display per group that displays realtime water pressure, temperature, extraction time and extraction in milliliters
  • Stainless steel portafilters, IMS filterbaskets and showerscreens
  • Adjustable driptray
  • Maximum temperature deviation of 0,2 degrees Celsius on the brew water
  • Styled barista lights above the drip tray, adjustable temperature for the cuptray

Also at ACF...

The Sanremo Opera! Pop along to the Coffee Mixologists stage and you'll see one of the most advanced espresso machines gracing the market today.

About the Opera

  • The machine offers an extremely stable brew temperature, with a maximum deviation of 0,2 degrees celcious, programmable for each group
  • The water is pre-heated by a separate boiler, and lead to the brew boilers in each grouphead
  • As the brewboiler is placed outside of the machine, directly on top of the showerscreen, there is no interference of any piping between boiler and showerscreen. This takes out any fluctuations in temperature
  • The stainless steel housing of the boiler, is heated on its own, to ensure that there is no interference from air outside of the boiler. Also, to ensure absolute stability, there is another heating system placed beneath the boiler, surrounding the portafilter, to keep the portafilter at constant temperature too




  • Apart from the stability which the machine provides the barista with, each group is fitted with a separate gearpump that regulates the water pressure from 2 up to 13 bars as programmed
  • An extra pre pump provides the machine with a stable water input, so no instable water pressure can occur
  • Each group gives the barista the ability to program 6 entirely different profiles. Per profile, a total dosation (total milliliters or total grams out, depending on the volumetric of gravimetric edition of the machine) can be set, which is split up in 3 different brew fases
  • For each brew fase, the pump pressure, dosation and or time can be set
  • The machine gives the barista the ability to set 18 completely different profiles, which can each be activated by the simple click of a button and is directly ready to use
  • All programmation can be done either by a Bluetooth tablet (included) while the machine is still being used to do what it does best: pulling shots, or can be done through the machine itself

Basically, the machine gives you the opportunity to tune every influence of the machine, during the extraction, to your own preferences. This way, each shot can be tuned with only taste in mind, without any limitations. And that goes for each of the 18 individual programmable profiles the (3 group) machine has to offer. But like we say, that’s basically ;)

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