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An Interview with Dhan Tamang: Latte Art Factory x Latte Art Live
Latte Art Live is bringing inspiring showcases and workshops to the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, hear Dhan's story, why he loved Latte Art Factory and what you can expect at Latte Art Live this year.
Dhan Tamang, the current and six-time UK Latte Art Champion is coming to the Amsterdam Coffee Festival with Latte Art Factory to share his skills with you!

Originally from Kathmandu in Nepal, Dhan moved to the UK to learn all he could about coffee, seeing the UK as the next big market for speciality coffee. Called a perfectionist by some, Dhan believes that his diligence has helped him to achieve so much...

What is your background in coffee, art, and latte art – what is your story?
I've been involved in the coffee industry since I was 16 and I’m constantly amazed at how much it has evolved and brought the world closer together. I worked as a barista in Kuwait for two years, learning how to brew different coffee recipes before returning to Nepal, where my latte art journey began. Back then, latte art was still in its early stage, and I learned from YouTube, where resources/tutorials were limited. In 2010, I relocated to the United Kingdom and began working as a barista at the popular coffee shop Gails. I was particularly more inclined to latte art because there is an ancient saying ’The first taste with your eyes.” Presentation is key. Latte art is not just about creating a beautiful pattern but also involves brewing a perfect espresso and quality texture milk.

Can you tell us about your collaboration with Latte Art Factory?
It’s an immense pleasure to work as a brand ambassador for Latte Art Factory, share and raise awareness of the incredible product they've invented that assists businesses to focus more on efficient customer experience and improve productivity. I strongly agree that technology advancements bring a positive impact on business as it streamlines tasks and processes, freeing up employees to focus on the customer and more important tasks.
What are the benefits of using Latte Art Factory?
There are numerous advantages on employing Latte Art Factory in a coffee shop. Most importantly, it will improve barista workflow, customer service, reduce milk waste and ensure consistency in beverage quality.
What can we expect at LAL this year?
We can definitely expect to be blown away by incredibly skilled professionals and witness how the art has evolved and brought to new levels. It’s also a plus that baristas won’t need to focus on achieving the perfect milk texture, whether from cow's milk or plant-based milk. The Latte Art Factory will be pulling the weight, saving everyone time and providing foam that is ready to use for workshops and throwdowns. We will truly be able to focus on the art.

What tips would you give to someone who want to level up their latte art game?
I would strongly advise that you first get the basics right, such as brewing a perfect espresso and achieving a silky-smooth milk texture at the correct temperature, which the Latte Art Factory can help achieve. It will take a time to learn advanced latte art patterns, therefore it’s important to have patience, focus, good technique and practice as much as you can to master latte art.


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