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HAYB Coffee wins ACF x Roast Masters™️ 2024
HAYB Coffee takes home first place during Roast Masters™️ at The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2024. 

The 3rd edition of Roast Masters™️ at The Amsterdam Coffee Festival was no easy feat. Ten fierce competitors from across Europe were put through a series of challenges that tested their skill, creativity, and adaptability. 

In the end HAYB Coffee, all the way from Warsaw, deserves a huge shoutout for absolutely slaying the competition and snatching the crown as the ACF 2024 Roast Masters™️ champions! 

From live roasting to crafting a signature drink and nailing the order challenge, these coffee geniuses showed us what they're made of, beating runners-up Wide Awake Brussels in the final and taking home a €2,500 cash prize. 

Live roasting with Aillio
Aillio's renowned Bullet roaster was the exclusive equipment used for the roasting challenges, spotlighting the brand's cutting-edge technology and design.

Straight after winning the competition, David from HAYB Coffee said: “To be honest, it was my first time using the Aillio Bullet roaster. And I fell in love. It's super intuitive, super simple to roast, it's so convenient. I can recommend it.”

Also, Raimonds Selga from Kalve Coffee Roasters in Riga, Latvia, was impressed. “I think it's a fantastic roaster to work on. As a roaster, you always need to get accustomed to a new roaster. You'll probably need only two roasts, and then you're roasting like you would do back home. It's a very user-friendly, easy-to-use machine that, most importantly, roasts very delicious coffee.”


Mystery coffees by Sucafina Specialty
During the competition roasters were presented with two mystery coffees, courtesy of Sucafina Specialty. Both coffees originated from Sucafina's IMPACT-project, the responsible sourcing program that elevates and rewards farmers for their role in reshaping the coffee industry for good, benefiting farmers, traders, and roasters.

The first was a Colombian Shaman carbonic maceration natural coffee from Finca El Embrujo with notes of red fruit, panela, and baking spices. The second came from another South American coffee pearl and was a natural coffee from Fazenda Nunes in Brazil.

The Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2024
With 10.480 visitors joining us at the Westergas the 9th edition of The Amsterdam Coffee Festival was a huge success.

And thanks to our amazing sponsors – Slayer, Brita, Aillio, Frizbee Ceramics, Den Eelder, Packiro and Faema – Roast Masters™️ has once again proven to be a competition showcasing the incredible talent and innovation that exists within the community.

For HAYB Coffee, this victory is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their unwavering passion for the art of coffee roasting.

We can’t wait for next year!



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